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How it Works

Do you know unqualified candidates make up nearly 50% of job responses?

Do you ever consider that the "perfect fit" is already employed and unaware his dream job is up for grabs?

We do, and that's why posting a job to the JobThread Network works.

Built to eliminate online recruitment inefficiencies, JobThread provides targeted advertising that attracts ideal job candidates in less time and for less money. Tap in to a powerful network of influential web publishers, blogs and niche sites to find the "Perfect Fit".
Reach Active and Passive Jobseekers through Relevant Sites
It's just good sense: If you go where the top job prospects "hang out" you'll find a match sooner. JobThread's broad network of online publishers means reaching active and passive candidates in their worlds. Pinpoint which sites are relevant to your ideal candidate's profile and post your ad. Targeting job opportunities to specific readerships- GigaOM for IT candidates, Foreign Affairs for International Relations positions, TreeHugger for Green jobs- improves visibility to highly-specialized prospects and is the first filter against unqualified applicants.
Set Candidate Qualifications
Need to find a Director of Sustainable Research in Plano, a Marketing Manager in Los Angeles or a Technical Support Analyst in Tampa - and fast? JobThread's advanced targeting technology will zero in on the perfect candidate based on qualifying criteria set by you including: location, skills, behavior and interests. Couple relevant job ad placement with targeted filtering criteria and accelerate job placement in less time and for less money than traditional online advertising.
Recruit a Higher Caliber of Talent - for less
Don't pay a monthly fee in exchange for an Inbox bursting with resume spam. JobThread's targeted network and premium ad display pricing delivers affordable and effective solutions for every recruitment budget.
Launch a Job Posting in Minutes
Get Started! Setting up an ad on the JobThread Network is the first step towards solving your recruitment headaches! It takes just a few mouse clicks and minutes of your time. Clear instructions walk you through the process, and assistance is always available.