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My Job Site
Do you...
...like the idea of a company job site but not the hassles of keeping it current?
...want to build a talent network?
...interested in promoting employment opportunities through job alerts and social media?

If so, it's time to launch My Job Site, a "One and Done" solution that increases job visibility through multiple recruitment channels, but doesn't require multiple times the work.

My Job Site includes a centralized dashboard and customized job site with built-in management and promotion features. My Job Site administrators can post and manage unlimited ads through a simple interface and announce these opportunities on a company job site. Optionally, the ads can be sent to the JobThread Network, third-party search sites, and to your talent network via email, Twitter, and RSS.

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My Job Site Benefits:

  • Choose a custom URL to match your company website URL (e.g. jobs.mycompany.com)
  • Post unlimited number of job ads through a single dashboard
  • Maintain brand consistency with company logo, colors and fonts
  • Build talent network with Twitter, RSS, and email job alerts
  • Combine talent network with referral rewards to jump start your referral campaign
  • View detailed statistics for your job ads
  • Send your job ads to the JobThread Network and third-party search sites (optional)

Two setup options to fit your needs
Setup Level Technical Skills Required Setup Fee Monthly Fee
Full service None $500 None
Self service Expert level HTML/CSS None None