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The Root
Target: Diversity Hires
The Root provides thought-provoking commentary and news from a variety of black perspectives.
Bronze Magazine
Target: African American Women
The lifestyle of "everyday" woman by highlighting her accomplishments, beauty, values and more.
Bronze Magazine
Black Like Moi
Target: Diversity Hires
Black Like Moi provides the latest in entertainment, political and cultural news.
Amplify your organization’s commitment to workplace diversity with targeted recruitment ads on the #1 Fastest Growing Black News and Commentary Website.
The Root aims to raise the profile of black voices in mainstream media and attracts a loyal, affluent and highly educated readership.

Demographic Highlights
49% hold a Graduate Degree
46% earn over $75K
23%, earn over $100K
54% are in the 25-44 age group

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Media Kit:
Pricing - Diversity
Pay for Performance: $0.49 per Matching View
$50 - $75 Recommended Budget
Fixed Price:
# of ads price each
1 $149.00
2-9 $126.65
10-24 $104.30
25+ $74.50